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Atlas was a Titan in Greek mythology who held up the celestial spheres and was associated with astronomy and navigation. While we don’t know much about astronomy, we do know about helping organizations navigate accounting, software, business processes, and strategy. Our team works hard to help your business grow!



Sphere refers to the many facets and components of your organization. Our team’s experience and skills allow us to support many of the areas of your organization that are often the most challenging for owners and managers. We support your business’s sphere through the use of cloud technologies, much like Atlas supported the skies.


what we’re about


“Character is higher than intellect.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson. We’re committed to being transparent and honest in our dealings, period.


Let’s face it, we’re geeks that enjoy embracing and leveraging technology for the benefit of ourselves and our clients.


Known for coloring outside of the lines and running with scissors as kids, we aren’t afraid to push the boundaries and challenge the norms.


What’s the fun in working alone? We seek to challenge and inspire as we work together to build successful businesses.


Dedicated to not only fostering a strong mentoring culture internally, we also strive to serve as mentors to our clients.


We preach passion. Our team is encouraged to give back to organizations or causes they are passionate about.

Executive Bios

Paul Johnson, CPA, CGMA, MBA

Helping organizations kick ass is what drives this Gemini. Paul geeks out on melding technology and business processes for improved efficiency and ops. His other passions include sports, music and Burmese cats.

Rebecca Schultz

Financial literacy is one of the many items Rebecca assists organizations with. She’s pretty much an accounting rockstar! If she’s not at her computer, she’s likely on the tennis court, watching sports or singing along to the radio.

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