Are You a CFO Adrift or Tech-Sharp and Steering the Ship?

Are You a CFO Adrift or Tech-Sharp and Steering the Ship?


Are You a CFO Adrift or Tech-Sharp and Steering the Ship?

By Paul Johnson

Technology allows us to do so much more with our data these days, which means CFOs need to do so much more keep up. Today, the best CFOs aren’t just CFOs. They are analysts, collaborators, strategists, and futurists.

They are capable of driving their financials, and their company offerings, to modernize and transform the way their company grows.

To do all this, a CFO needs to be tech-smart in order to leverage data to its fullest capabilities, using the newest features in cloud computing, and building strong strategies for future product and services development.

Do you measure up, or could use some help in sharpening your tech focus? Let’s find out.

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Tech-savvy CFOs support their teams by automating as many repetitive, time-consuming tasks as possible. This conserves time and resources to use more wisely on activities that are strategic in nature to boost growth and continue to drive success.


Collaboration boosts productivity, enhances efficiency, and bridges gaps between companies and departments for more results-oriented strategies, and streamlined project management. CFOs that bring on collaboration tools uplift their teams and conserve resources in the long run.


Today’s CFOs need a bird’s eye view into business performance – past, present and future, to put actionable steps into play in response to performance. CFOs need an overview AND deep into performance that can only come from working and reporting from the cloud.

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CFOs, rather than play it safe, now need to work from a position that invites possibilities, healthy risk, and brave strategies. To grow a company means to also future-proof it, and that requires strategies that are designed from comprehensive data analysis and financial agility to adapt with the changing times in industry and technology.


On-premises software, while familiar, may not only be hampering the productivity of your teams with mountains of spreadsheets and painful workarounds. It also holds growing companies back from success-driving tools such as collaboration, deep visibility and time-saving automation.

Tech-smart CFOs know that the cloud offers value in time and resources, and that rather than running from change, they know they need to embrace it, research the cloud for the right security and technology fit, and then make a move that is right for their company.

Sage Intacct, a best-in-class financial management solution offers solutions that tech-savvy CFOs need, like:

  • Deep data automation for strong accuracy, reporting and less manual entry.
  • Strong collaboration on accounts, right down to the transaction for communications clarity with clients and coworkers.
  • 24/7/365 access to updated data from customizable dashboards showcasing your key metrics for strong reporting, decision-making and growth strategy design.
  • Lock-tight security in the cloud, and dedicated data centers with redundancy, and behind-the-scenes updates.

If you could use more control over your financials, we can help find the right solution to steer growth.

Three Techniques Data-Savvy CFOs Use To Meet Timing Demands

Three Techniques Data-Savvy CFOs Use To Meet Timing Demands


Three Techniques Data-Savvy CFOs Use To Meet Timing Demands

By Paul Johnson

It’s no secret that demands from financial services for more data in a shorter time frame are increasing rapidly. As consumer expectations and preferences change as quickly as the tides, business is expected to keep pace with that fluctuating demand.

According to an Aberdeen study, 64% of business managers noticed their decision-making time shrink. Aberdeen also found in a separate study, that 28% of business managers found they needed decision-making data within one hour of a business event, and another 42% needed data within a day.

In light of those statistics, it’s clear that now more than ever, that if financial services CFOs are to keep up, they need faster, and more in-depth, yet accurate methods for data retrieval and analysis. With Sage Intacct, they can do it in three innovative ways.

a group of coworkers working on workplace timing demands

1. Faster book closings for real-time reporting

When books close faster, monthly and quarterly financials more quickly provide answers for faster decision-making.

2. Aggregate data from disconnected systems to boost analysis

CFOs that have the most answers will pull data from outside of their financials. They examine operational data for a more comprehensive analysis of company performance, and they do that through the cloud.

With the cloud, CFOs can see a more panoramic, yet in-depth view of performance. The cloud can join financial systems with the other key solutions a company uses, from anywhere in the world that has an internet connection.

  • This method reduces data entry and improves accuracy, without breaking a connection with data, as spreadsheets do.
  • Templates can be used to repeat the analysis without repeating setup, or having to reconcile data throughout the company’s various solutions.

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3. Use dashboard reporting to speed decision-making

Customizable dashboards mean CFOs can set their unique KPIs to display in real-time, all at once, from one screen. The data that drives your decisions is available 24/7/365 with financial and non-financial data, for strong growth strategy, and more comprehensive, accurate answers.

Strong cloud-based financial management solutions, like Sage Intacct, help uplift data driven CFOs to do more in less time with everything they need to get up and running with their financials to meet demand.

We want to help you stay on top of your data to get the answers you need when you need them. Give us a call – we are here to help!