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If we had an abacus for every time we read about accounting solutions, we would have a lot of abacuses…or is it abaci? Regardless, growing your business requires a massive time and energy commitment. The financial know-how can be overwhelming, but we have structured our services to free you from the oppressive abacus.


Accounting is the language of business, and we’re your translator. Our teams work side by side with you to ensure everything is operating effectively and efficiently.


We’re nerds and we know it. Our systems allow us to pull off some pretty slick integrations. Technology has allowed us to bring digital magic to the accounting world.


What’s your next step? Are you looking to expand or hire? Together we will dig through the important questions and more importantly, the answers to those questions.


Technology is a wicked important piece of the Atlasphere puzzle. In fact, it’s part of everything we do! As trusted Xero, QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop partners, we help you keep your finger on the pulse of your business. Need access on the go to all your business’s critical information? We’ve got you covered. Need integrated solutions to make your systems operate in harmony? Yep, we do that. Not sure exactly which solutions are out there for you? We’re your guide. 

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Testimonials From Our Clients

“Looking back, I wish that Atlasphere Consulting was part of our team earlier. They are involved with so much more than financial statement preparation. The internal processes and controls they helped establish provide stability for the organization. We are still a small company, but the products and services provided by Atlasphere Consulting make us feel like a larger and more established company to our employees and customers.”

Troy B

Owner, Property Management Company Owner

“Paul and his team have been an invaluable asset to us at Evol. Paul was on board from the start and his processes have allowed us to scale efficiently. Atlasphere always goes above and beyond; they handle the numbers so I can work on my business, not in it.”

Andrew T

Owner, Evol Empire Creative


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